Self-talk. C-19 Blues





I don’t normally feel like this

this isn’t normal

It’s like my head wants to explode

it does but it won’t


How do you know, you’re not me?

we’re all in this thing together

That just leaves me twice as lonely

that’s a feeling we all share


I wake up and dread walks in

that’s a gut feeling

I have this mad idea to run

if you do I’m coming with you


There’s this conflict I’m avoiding

that’s because you don’t need stress

Maybe not but the email’s waiting

it can wait what’s one more email?


I can’t even think about it

what’s your body trying to tell you?

Even thinking makes me tired

thinking’s work we do inside us


I’m just going round in circles

from the self we can’t escape

What if this goes on forever?

that’s an ever never comes


Next you’ll tell me try deep breaths

nothing further from my lips

Then you’ll say “this too shall pass”

only if you say it first


2014-08-26 14.42.27



Jeffrey Paparoa Holman



About paparoa

Writer and researcher.
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