Bob’s not my uncle…


Bob Jones says he was kidding…

So, is he really kidding here?

“As there are no full-blooded Maori’s in existence it indisputably follows that had it not of been for migrants, mainly Brits, not a single Maori today, including Professor Temaru, would have existed. So excluding individuals who might be miserably suicidal, and instead like 99.999% of us actually like being alive, its long overdue for some appreciation.”

Namely, if it hadn’t been for non-Māori ancestors, Māori wouldn’t be here today? That is, Māori needed to be colonized? This is satire? The tūpuna of Māori today needed the British to come along and save them? That’s what he’s saying. And by the way, he can’t even be bothered to get Professor Pou Temara’s name right.

How about this, for example: transfer his thinking to the genocide of multiple Native American peoples and you have, “If it hadn’t been for us colonists, not a single Indian, (including e.g, Professor Craig Womack, Emory College), would have existed”.

That’s a piss take? Underneath the attempt at humour – if that’s what it is – we have the same tired old racist stereotypes. The petition may have no effect, as some are claiming, but I respect the Renae Maihi who started it. She let it be known many of us don’t like this demeaning approach to our brothers and sisters, our fellow citizens, our neighbours; if we’re going to have knighthoods, let have some knightly behaviour, as befits  the honour.

And by the way, the over-reaction of a lawsuit sends a message that has a chilling effect: “I’m rich and powerful and opinionated, I can say what I like, but if you disagree, I’ll see you in court and shut you down”. Whatever happened to speaking the truth to power?




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