PROTEST POEM: Man on a bus stop (apologies to Bob Dylan).

Bob Brings it Home

Man on a bus stop (apologies to Bob Dylan)

Man on a bus stop reading Dirty Politics
Politician on the road thinking up a new trick
Slater’s in his dungeon poisoning the blogosphere
I’m on the pavement how in hell we got to here

Ah beware be aware for liars lying everywhere
For users cheaters lowlife abusers
Typing up a fantasy
For someone else to use us

Man on a benefit woman on dirt pay
Can’t get ahead now greed is the game to play
PR disciples printing burning bibles
Tell you what you want to hear nothing reliable

Ah beware be aware spin doctors on the air
For ad men and bad men tobacco men
And booze crews chewing up
and spitting you

Vote her vote him the mad eyes the fake grin
Bribe you bribe him tax cuts and back again
Jobs gone to China sold the family silver
Welfare for Walmart and haters of Obama

Ah beware be aware they love you in election year
promises and snake oil integrity gone off the boil
destroyers of democracy
don’t give a shit for you and me

Man on the bus stop reading Dirty Politics
Jumps on the bus feeling dirty and heartsick
Can’t get his hands clean
Can’t believe what he’s just seen

Jeffrey Paparoa Holman 2014


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Writer and researcher.
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4 Responses to PROTEST POEM: Man on a bus stop (apologies to Bob Dylan).

  1. james says:

    geoff thanks for names of blackball boys,./sorry i got you mixed up with gary nice to see your father,s photo,./long time ago regs james stanley eylesx roa miners union blackball

  2. brownestudy says:

    On Blackball, I have seen an archival group photograph of NZ Communist Party, Blackball 1925. One is a young, fashionably dressed woman with Babe in arms. I think the photo is with Te Ara, NZ encyclopedia online.Does anyone know who these unnamed partisans are? NZCP moved to Wellington, 1927. Bob Mitchell was the untiring General election candidate in the 1960’s.

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