Sunday In Iowa City

Well, today was cooler and cleansing for body soul and spirit: my major forays have been down town to the Trinity Episcopal Church on East College Street and then here at the hotel, to the laundry.
The folks at the church were very very Kiwi-friendly: Bob, who greeted me has a niece in Christchurch running an eco-tourism business, He was here in the county last year and did a marae tour up North, so was user-friendly.
After the service, I talked to some of the locals who put me onto a Farmers’ Market (Wed night-Sat Morning) and a Bike Library just next door to the church.
You can “buy” a bike from $5-$100 depending on how good it is and if you leave before six months (as I will) they will buy it right back (with deductions for any wear and tear). I’m so there next Saturday.
I did some shopping (bought a cheese and fruit knife) and came home, snapping pix as I went (including my first chipmunks, which at first I thought were mini-squirrels). I will post some pix on Facebook.
Soon there is a poetry reading at the famous Prairie Lights Bookshop. They kindly pasted my As Big As A Father poster from Phantom Billstickers in the shop lift (where people would see it). Somebody did – and being well hidden from view, promptly stole it.
Poets are the only people who are glad about this…


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