Tuesday Poem: poor bare forked animal

poor bare forked animal (King Lear)

take physic pomp
(no fault of mine)

tak fizzik pompous
(the earth is thinking)

fizzing cracking smashing Pompeii
(underneath a train is rumbling)

tak a tak smack a smack pom pom pom
(the world the world the world’s a beast)

take my hand it’s terror in paradise
(hold me see my heart’s a chattering)

tak phyzhik pomp thou art exposed
(the moor is heaving all’s at sea)

tak fizzik thou poor fork-ed beast
(the moon and sun at war with me)

fizzik Pompey’s good for thee
(I know I know the wretch I am)

poor bare broken thing
(my Lear my Fool my kingdom down)

Tuesday Poem


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3 Responses to Tuesday Poem: poor bare forked animal

  1. paparoa says:

    Kia ora koutou. This is my swansong for TP, for a while at least, I’m off to make room for somebody else. Too many commitments and and extraneous stresses this year.
    I am writing a series of earthquake poems, and this is most recent. Have a great writing year: the way the world is moving – so to speak – there is no shortage of raw footage.

  2. Kia ora Jeffrey. I am thrilled by your series of earthquake poems. This, with its smashed, fizzing, anxious words and King Lear allusions, is a great swansong for TP – hope to see you back soon.

  3. paparoa says:

    Thanks Mary – robbing Shakespeare’s grave seemed about the only way to match language and event this morning. I have always loved that play, and those lines, which continue, “…expose thyself, to feel what wretches feel!”.
    This is something of the kind approaching Christchurch’s visceral encounter with the earth, and now, God help them, the people of Japan.

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