Tuesday Poem: this fly – earthquake

this fly
he circles and circles

it’s not just another human
disaster to him

in the compound world
view of a fly’s eye

it’s a business

Tuesday Poem

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Writer and researcher.
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8 Responses to Tuesday Poem: this fly – earthquake

    • Jeffrey Paparoa Holman says:

      Kia ora Mary
      The little bastards are everywhere, annoying, but prophetic. I think Vasko Popa, the Serbian poet, wrote something on flies, which Ted Hughes translated. Along these lines.
      Sometimes, it works best to come at the pain from an angle…never intended to post today, but, hey, the cat just walked in on her three good legs, so it’s a good day for us all then.
      There is a review of Fly Boy in the Listener, I’m told – can’t get hold of one myself, we have no postal service yet. Cheers.

  1. A J says:

    Very biting. I love it.

  2. Catherine says:

    You could probably get a Listener on the other side of town, if you can get there. It’s a different world over there in the northwest. They don’t even feel the aftershocks.
    No postal service in our house either.
    I enjoyed the poem, and I agree, it works best to come at the pain from an angle…

    • paparoa says:

      Hi Catherine, thanks for this, kind of you. I managed to get the Listener to send me a copy of the review, on the grounds that I could get my subscriber’s copy.
      Yes, I can imagine the effects are local – we had bad shakes and flooding, but nothing like Aranui and New Brighton.

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  4. Very nice – I had to laugh at this one!

  5. Emily Sayes says:

    Hi, I am from a publishing company which publishes NCEA Text books and we are interested in using your poem in an upcoming book. I would love to discuss this further with you through private email if that is okay with you?

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