Brain Drain Blues (for Bruce Jesson).

Woke up this mornin’ in my car:
Had the brain drain blues
From go to whoa, had
Some alcohol-enhanced grey matter
Running out my ears and off the fender.

Wow, that was one Almighty Economic Bender.
That was some Rogernomic Nine Day Wonder:
That was Trickle Down Theory blown asunder.
Kissing Ruth Richardson, boy you gotta be joking!
Down here in Helengrad the Fat Accountant’s choking.
Wow, looks like the boys from Treasury caught a chill
And the oil is burnin’ (at a price) all night long on Beehive Hill.

Days like this I begin to wonder is Roger Kerr the hair of the dog
That bit me, or just a random truck that couldn’t keep to the Left,
Crossed the white line and hit me? Lunatics ain’t just runnin’
The old asylum, they even look the part: they pay me zilch, they pay no tax,
They weigh me down with debt and break my back, then when I cut and run
To greener fields, they grind the poor for flour, and blame the wheels.

Yeah, woke up this morning with the brain drain flu, it’s one mother
Of a deadly virus, and the worst thing is, you just can’t believe
A word it says is true.

Tuesday Poem


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