Tuesday Poem: Last Orders (with blossom).

last orders (with blossom)

let me outta here

I want dressed up in a suit
one more time

Vienna 1913
Dresden 1932
I don’t care

I want to walk between the buildings
under the sky
past the blossom
and all the untouchable women
floating by

don’t touch me
I’m not dead yet
don’t swaddle me
in abominations

track suit pants
sloppy Joes

I don’t care if dribble runs down
my shirt of finest silk
if the bowtie spins
on old Adam’s apple
or I piss my pants

fuck no

I’m telling you
I’m telling you

it’s all about style
the way
I’m gonna go

Tuesday Poem


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2 Responses to Tuesday Poem: Last Orders (with blossom).

  1. I empathise with this – one might as well go out in style!!

  2. Paparoa says:

    Well yes, somebody was talking to me when this came along – but I do hate it when people in their 60s and onwards start dressing and acting as if the angel of death likes beige victims.

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