Tuesday Poem: blowing kisses to Jesus

blowing kisses to Jesus

would it be too far from the truth to say
there’s a lot of anti-matter out there right

funny what happens what stirs in
the universe when Jesus and kisses
in the same line of thought

already the dawn birds are singing out
there in the dark and nobody
knows what’s about to happen

fans are kicking over in hospital
kitchens the last midnight shift
taxi man leaves
the rank

why not take a chance imagine you are
a Somali a woman a cleaner
a believer
walking home from work in the mist
unable to make yourself understood
to all
but a few refugees a riddle
even unto yourself swathed in the flowing
of the night

out there a poem may
want to kiss you out there a song
is doing
it’s best to be heard in the anti-matter
in the dark materials in the void in the hole
in the zero

Tuesday Poem


About paparoa

Writer and researcher.
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