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Tuesday Poem: Last Orders (with blossom).

last orders (with blossom) let me outta here nurse I want dressed up in a suit one more time Vienna 1913 Dresden 1932 I don’t care I want to walk between the buildings under the sky past the blossom and … Continue reading

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Tuesday Poem: blowing kisses to Jesus

blowing kisses to Jesus would it be too far from the truth to say there’s a lot of anti-matter out there right now funny what happens what stirs in the universe when Jesus and kisses appear in the same line … Continue reading

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Tuesday Poem: September Quake

September Quake. Our chimneys came to life bricks became birds flew through roofs onto cars landing on lawns building up terror Night with a crack made its move tiles turned to leaves and fell laid on the lawns in terracotta … Continue reading

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Tuesday Poem: Car troubles – for Raymond Carver.

Car troubles: for Raymond Carver. Everybody has car troubles: my first, that emerald green 1937 Vauxhall DX with lustrous chromium tears along the foldup bonnet and a motor so stuffed it turned the city blue each time I put my … Continue reading

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