Tuesday Poem: Abundance – Ah!

Abundance – Ah!

In the faces
on the pear tree branches
in the face
of spring lamb losses

blossoms corpses catastrophes
to the many-petalled faces
of the blossom what can I say?

I say
lamb losses confetti petals
white shapes all white shapes
scattered by

the four winds
to the earth’s four corners

no there is no closure only
equinox and equinox
and equinox to come

while the shivering sage Wang Wei
rejoices: “Ah!”

beneath a cloak of slinky skins
as he bites his sweet pear.

Tuesday Poem


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Writer and researcher.
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3 Responses to Tuesday Poem: Abundance – Ah!

  1. Kay Cooke says:

    It just has to be spring in NZ, it couldn’t be anywhere else – and yet there is a whiff of somewhere else – something foreign – as well. Intriguing. I ‘ll have to read it again. I enjoye the first reading for its movement and images of a windy spring.

  2. I like the coat of slinky skins… the pear… and the ‘ah!’ the feeling of abundance and scattering –

  3. Jeffrey Paparoa Holman says:

    yes I was kind of riffing on pear blossoms scattering in lamb loss southerlies and thinking of something I’d read of the sages….

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