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Tuesday Poem: Another Father – for Peter Hooper.

The small knots in your gnarled rambling testament were finest: Zen whorls to suck out doubt – that straw of tiny contradiction. No Cause! No Effect! My skin shivers. You pipe your feverish bones to a pitch of ivory flutes. … Continue reading

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Tuesday Poem: Bach Life.

Bach Life. Hot beaches. Old baches. Gold memory. Wet matches. Bent flax. Bedtime story. Warm cordial. Green Vauxhall. Sunset glory. Surf casting. Bait stinking. Picton Ferry. Reader’s Digest. Nanny’s bedspread. Outside dunny. Fresh flounder. Waves pounding. Cards, for money. No … Continue reading

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I was dreaming of Te Rauparaha.

Dreaming of Te Rauparaha I was dreaming of Te Rauparaha: we were drinking in his favourite bar in the old Thistle Inn on the shores of Wellington – he was knocking back a glass of rum telling me of Kingdom … Continue reading

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